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Use AWS Organisations

Ensure that Amazon Organizations must be in use to gain oversight on the usage of AWS services across multiple AWS accounts

Report states of Instances everyday

TotalCloud generates a brief report of all the instances and their state.

Send report of tenancy type of EC2 instances

Using the right tenancy model for your EC2 instances should reduce the concerns around security at the instance hypervisor level and promote better compliance.

Report DLQ config of Lambdas

Dead Letter Queues takes in all messages that cannot be successfully handled by Lambdas. It is directly supported with SQS in Lambda configuration as well.

Report NACL rules

This template generates a report of all the NACL rules, helping you manage your resources efficiently.

Report total number of AWS elastic search domains.

Sends a report of Elastic Search domains if the total number of instances reach the threshold limit(10). Monitoring and configuring limits for the maximum number of Elasticsearch (ES) instances provisioned within your AWS account will help you to manage better your Elasticsearch compute resources.

Report If EC2 Instance Termination Protection Is Disabled

EC2 Termination Protection ensures that the instances cannot be terminated accidentally from the Console, API or CLI. These instances can be terminated only after the termination protection setting is turned off.

Report AWS reserved RDS instances failed purchases.

Indentify any failed Reserved RDS instances and a send a report of it. Using RDS Reserved Instances over On-Demand Instances can save up to 70% when used in steady state (i.e. heavy utilization), therefore in order to receive this discount benefit you need to make sure that all your RDS database reservation purchases have been successfully completed.

Set concurrency for tagged Lambdas.

Finds particular Lambda Functions via tags and set desired concurrency.

Report EBS Volumes without CloudWatch Alarms

Sends a report with all the EBS Volumes without a cloudwatch alarm attached to them.

Instance CPU utilization report

Workflow to send a report of Instances' CPU utilization. It gives an overview of CPU utilization of your EC2 instances.

S3 to DynamoDB importer

This template enables users to import data from AWS S3 to DynamoDB. Importing DynamoDB data to S3 successfully safeguards your data and doubles up as an efficient AWS backup strategy.

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