Notify If any EC2 instance in your account is not Launched using approved/golden AMIs

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22 MAY 2019

It is an AWS best practice to launch EC2 machine from an approved/golden AMI. Approved AMI is an image of an EC2 Instance containing all the necessary software and settings configured for your application; which helps in scaling, and quick & secure deployment.

Workflow Template

Gets Instances in a specific AWS Region for EC2 service.
Provide your details to emulate workflow
Filters the instances which are not created using golden AMI
Provide your details to emulate workflow


Use this to initiate a workflow based on time, events or HTTP calls.


Select resources on which you want to work on.


Add an enrichment to add new qualities to incoming data.


Enter parameters to filter resources in the workflow.


Send notification with a custom message.

Enrich the selected resource by adding qualities of EC2 Images
Provide your details to emulate workflow
Notifies workflow's successful execution details via Slack or email.
Provide your details to emulate workflow
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