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EC2 and EBS Backup Management (with DR)

EC2 and EBS Backup Management (with DR)

Taking backup of data regularly is critical for any company. Backup lifecycle should be implemented properly and tested often, so that if a disaster occurs, the business doesn’t suffer.

You can simply adopt the following templates for this use case
Take AMI of EC2 instances based on tags

Start by taking AMIs of your instances. These AMIs capture the information required to launch a new instance, including the root volume.

Deregister older AMIs

This is done so that no new instances can be launched from the old AMIs. Your newly taken AMIs will serve that purpose.

Take snapshot of non root EBS volumes

In order to backup the non-root volumes and their data, EBS snapshots are taken and stored on S3.

Delete older EBS snapshots

This template deletes the old and redundant snapshots because the most recently taken snapshot is the most relevant.

Create cross-region AMI backup

Store AMIs in different region in case of region unavailability, security breach or disaster.

Create Cross-region EBS backup

Similarly, create a cross-region backup of the EBS snapshots you’ve taken earlier.

Copy AMI to another account

Creating cross-account AMIs manually requires a number of steps, which isn’t scalable when you have 100s of AMIs.

Copy EBS snapshot to another account

Along with AMIs, EBS snapshots can also be copied to another account in a multi-account setup.


External Triggers

Trigger workflows based on time or an HTTP endpoint.

Third Party Integration

Integrate with any third-party tool with HTTP calls.

All AWS Services

Create workflows for any AWS service.

All AWS Actions

Take any action on your AWS services through workflows.


TotalCloud works on a Serverless Framework. So your workflows run every time they are supposed to.

More than 8+ Nodes

Nodes provides different capabilities while you create any workflow in TotalCloud.

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