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Simple Queue Service

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22 MAY 2019
Report SQS queues without server side encryption enabled.

This workflow sends a report for SQS queues if their sever side encryption is not enabled. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues are protecting the contents of their messages using Server-Side Encryption (SSE). It is highly recommended to implement encryption in order to make the contents of these messages unavailable to unauthorized or anonymous users.

Report SQS queues not encrypted with KMS CMK key.

This workflow sends a report for SQS queues that are not encrypted with KMS CMK keys. By using your own KMS CMK keys , you obtain full control over who can use the CMK keys and access the data encrypted within queue messages.

Report total number of SQS queues.

Sends report if total number of SQS queues in your AWS account exceeds the limit.

Report SQS exposed queues.

This workflow sends a report for SQS queues which are publicly accessible. Allowing anonymous users to have access to your SQS queues can lead to unauthorized actions such as intercepting, deleting and sending queue messages.

Report SQS queues without tags.

This workflow sends a report of SQS Queues which does not have tags established by their organisations. Which tags are missing can be found in the report generated.