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22 MAY 2019
Report the list of Public S3 Buckets

This workflow reports the public S3 buckets in the AWS account. It gives an overview of public buckets which helps in making sure no customer data is exposed.

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Instance CPU utilization report

Workflow to send a report of Instances' CPU utilization. It gives an overview of CPU utilization of your EC2 instances.

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Report Lambdas whose DLQ is not set

This workflow helps generate a report of Lambda Functions whose DLQ is not set.

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Weekly Lambda Report

Get daily/weekly reports on Lambda Functions Invocations, which will allow users to find anomalies and conduct a root cause analysis.

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Daily/weekly reports of Lambda Function Errors

Metric to monitor Errors for making sure your Lambdas are running as they should.

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Daily/Weekly reports of Lambda's Duration

Monitors metrics to make sure your Lambdas are running as they should. It helps in finding anomalies and improve Lambda Function performance.

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Lambda Daily Cost Predictor

Lambda costs for many companies run into excessive amounts, unintentionally. This template enables users to predict lambda costs on a daily basis, helping them estimate and plan better, in turn reducing costs vividly. The generated report keeps a regular check on your lambda costs.

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