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22 MAY 2019
Daily/Weekly reports of Lambda's Duration

Monitors metrics to make sure your Lambdas are running as they should. It helps in finding anomalies and improve Lambda Function performance.

Find missing alarms for in your AWS elasticSearch domains.

Send a report having information of which cloudwatch alarms are missing in your AWS elasticSearch domains.

Send report of security group which allows DNS(TCP port 53 and UDP port 53 ) access from public IP.

It is AWS best practice to remove entries in security group which allows DNS access from public IP to reduce possibility of breach. Allowing unrestricted DNS access can increase threats such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Report AWS EC2 instances without cloudWatch alarms (Custom metric).

Send report for all the EC2 Instances without a cloudwatch alarm attached to them.

Report ElasticSearch domains without cloudWatch alarms.

Send report of all the elasticSearch domains without a cloudwatch alarm attached to them.

ACM Certificates with Wildcard Domain Names

Reports all the ACM Certificates which have Wildcard Domain Names.

Daily/weekly reports of Lambda Function DeadLetterErrors

Logs Lambda Function DeadLetterErrors over the last 7 days.

Send report of your AWS elasticache cluster if they do not have the desired node type established by your organization

Setting limits for the type of AWS ElastiCache cluster nodes will help you address internal compliance requirements and prevent unexpected charges on your AWS bill. Ensure that your existing AWS ElastiCache cluster nodes have the desired type established by your organization based on the caching workload required.

Report the list of Public S3 Buckets

This workflow reports the public S3 buckets in the AWS account. It gives an overview of public buckets which helps in making sure no customer data is exposed.

Weekly Lambda Report

Get daily/weekly reports on Lambda Functions Invocations, which will allow users to find anomalies and conduct a root cause analysis.

Send report of AWS ElastiCache clusters if it is provisioned within EC2 classic platform

Amazon ElastiCache clusters using EC2-VPC platform instead of EC2-Classic can bring multiple advantages such as better flexibility and control over the cache clusters security, availability, traffic routing and more. This template ensure that your ElastiCache clusters are provisioned within the AWS EC2-VPC platform or not.

Report AWS ElastiCache clusters without CloudWatch alarms.

Send a report of ElastiCache clusters without a cloudwatch alarm attached to them.