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22 MAY 2019
Redshift Utilization

Sends report of Redshift cluster CPUUtilization.

ECS Utilization

Sends Utilization report of ECS clusters

EMR Utilization

Sends utilization report of EMR clusters.

EC2 (NetworkIn) Utilization

Sends the utilization report of Ec2 instances in context with network traffic

ElastiCache Redis Multi-AZ

Ensure that your ElastiCache Redis Cache clusters are using a Multi-AZ deployment configuration to enhance High Availability (HA). To determine if your ElastiCache Redis Cache clusters are using a Multi-AZ configuration.

IAM User Present

To determine if there are any IAM users created in your AWS account, Ensure that the access to your AWS services and resources is made only through individual IAM users instead of the root account.

Route 53 In Use

To determine if AWS Route 53 is used as DNS service for your domain names. AWS Route 53 DNS service is in use for highly efficient DNS management.

Elasticache Clusters Utilization Report


Redshift Clusters CPUUtilization

Template provides you with the CPUUtilization of Redshift Cluster.

RDS DB Instance CPUUtilization Report

Template provides you with the CPUUtilization of RDS DB instance.

Daily/Weekly reports of Lambda's Duration

Monitors metrics to make sure your Lambdas are running as they should. It helps in finding anomalies and improve Lambda Function performance.

Redshift Clusters with High CPU Utilization

Sends a report of Redshift cluster if CPU utilization goes above than 90 %. Clusters with high CPU utilization should be rebooted this will improve the performance.