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22 MAY 2019
Check AWS WorkSpaces Operational State

Workflow to report user if any AWS Workspaces are in Unhealthy state. Report is sent once everyday, can be configured according to the use case.

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Enable AWS RDS Auto Minor Version Upgrade

Checks and enables Auto Minor Version Upgrade of RDS Database instance.

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ACM Certificates with Wildcard Domain Names

Reports all the ACM Certificates which have Wildcard Domain Names.

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Send report of all instances which are not part of Auto-Scaling Group (ASG)

It is an AWS best practice to launch every EC2 machine in an AWS Auto Scaling Group to achieve zero downtime. This workflow sends a report of instances not launched in an auto-scaling group.

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Send report of EC2 Instances older than 150 days

It is an AWS best practice to stop and relaunch your old EC2 instances, so that they are reallocated to updated and more reliable hardware. Instances older than 150 days are recommended to be updated.

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Enables Automated Backup for redshift cluster if not already enabled

It is AWS best practice to enable automated backups for your Redshift cluster so that in case of unexpected failures data can be recovered

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Check for Auto Scaling Groups without integrated Elastic Load Balancers

Checks whether Auto Scaling Groups have Elastic Load Balancers associated with them. In the case of a failure of any of the EC2 resources, the presence of Elastic Load Balancers will ensure availability. Runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Check for Auto Scaling Group notification configuration

Check whether Auto Scaling Group notifications are configured to send e-mail notifications. It's useful to get e-mail notifications when a important event such as a scaling event (Eg: launching an instance) occurs.

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Identify Auto Scaling Groups without cooldown periods

Identify Auto Scaling Groups that are not using appropriate cooldown periods, every hour. This helps you to ensure that one scaling event is not initiated before the effects of another are evident.

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