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22 MAY 2019
ElastiCache Engine Version - Memcached

Sends a report if ElastiCache Memcached Engine is not upgraded to the latest version

ElastiCache Engine Version - Redis

Sends a report if your ElastiCache Redis Engine is not updated to the latest version

ElasticSearch Dedicated Master

Sends a report if ElasticSearch Dedicated Master is not enabled. This helps to improve reliability by separating management tasks from index and search requests.

ElasticSearch Version

Send a report if the latest version of ElasticSearch is not being used

VPN Tunnel State

Send a report of all VPN tunnels that are down. This will help to maximise uptime in the event of a failure.

EBS Volumes Recent Snapshots

Sends a report if your EBS Volumes do not have Snapshots taken in the past 7 days. Having recent Snapshots ensures that you have a better and more reliable backup strategy.