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22 MAY 2019
Reboot EC2 instances if CPUUtilization Goes High (Triggered by Alarm)

If CPUUtilization of the machine having an alarm set goes above 90%, the alarm will trigger this workflow. Instances with high CPUUtilizaton will be rebooted to reduce their CPUUtilization.

Reboot RDS DB instances (Triggered by JIRA)

Objective of this workflow is to reboot the RDS DB instances whose DBConnections goes high. Jira ticket with required summary will trigger this workflow. RDS DB Instances having the same tag that are mentioned in the description of jira ticket will get rebooted. This will reduce the CPUUtilization of the DB instance.

Modify Instance Type if CPU Utilization <10% For a Week

If CPU utilization is less than 10% for a week, you are not utilizing the instance efficiently. This workflow identifies such instances and switches them to another instance type.

Increase EBS Volume size if Instance disk utilisation reaches 90%

Increases EBS Volume size when the instance's disk utilisation exceeds 90%

Cross Region AMI Backup Part-1

This template takes and AMI from one region in your AWS account and copies it into another region

Cross Region AMI Backup Part-2

Takes an AMI from one region in your AWS account and copies it to another region

Copy EC2 Logs Data to S3 and Delete the Log Folder

Moves the logs present in the log folder of EC2 machine and transfers them into a specified S3 Bucket. This practice helps you to store the logs you want, without worrying about the disk space in the machine.

Remove Empty AutoScaling groups.

It is AWS best practice to identify an empty autoscaling group available in your AWS account and delete them in order to avoid unneeded cost and better management of AWS resources. Autoscaling group is considered as empty when it doesn't have any EC2 instances attached and is not associated with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).

Set Concurrency for Tagged Lambdas

Finds particular Lambda Functions via tags and set the desired concurrency.