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22 MAY 2019
Check AWS WorkSpaces Operational State

Workflow to report user if any AWS Workspaces are in Unhealthy state. Report is sent once everyday, can be configured according to the use case.

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Send report of EC2 Instances which are using previous generation instance type

Using instances of the current generations provides better hardware performance (faster CPUs, increased memory and network throughput), better virtualization technology (HVM) and lower costs. You should consider upgrading your EC2 machines if using old generations.

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Enable AWS RDS Auto Minor Version Upgrade

Checks and enables Auto Minor Version Upgrade of RDS Database instance.

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Check if Lambda Runtime Environment Version is the latest

This workflow checks if the lambda functions' runtime environment is updated to the latest version and reports the ones that are not updated to the latest version.

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Send report of over utilised EC2 nodes

This workflow sends a periodic report of EC2 instances that are overutilized(default 90%). Instances that are overutilized may cause slower application response. You can consider upgrading these machines.

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