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Elasticsearch Service

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22 MAY 2019
Find missing alarms for in your AWS elasticSearch domains.

Send a report having information of which cloudwatch alarms are missing in your AWS elasticSearch domains.

Report AWS ElasticSearch domains which allows unknown cross account access.

Sends a report of AWS ElasticSearch domains which allows access to unauthorized cross users. Allowing untrustworthy cross account access to your AWS ES clusters can lead to unauthorized actions such as uploading, downloading and deleting documents without permission.

Report ElasticSearch domains without cloudWatch alarms.

Send report of all the elasticSearch domains without a cloudwatch alarm attached to them.

Report AWS ELasticSearch domains without encryption at rest.

Sends a report if encryption at rest is not enabled for your AWS elasticSearch domains. Encryption of data at rest helps prevent unauthorized users from reading sensitive information available on your ES domains (clusters) and their storage systems.

Report AWS elasticSearch domains using default AWS key for encryption.

Sends a report if your AWS elasticSearch cluster is using default AWS key instead of KMS Customer Master Keys (CMKs) for encryption. When you use your own KMS Customer Master Keys you have full control over who can use these keys to access the clusters data.

Send report of failed elasticSearch reserved instances in your AWS account.

A failed AWS ES RI is an unsuccessful reservation that receives the "payment-failed" status during the purchasing process. Elasticsearch Reserved Instances can provide significant cost savings (up to 52% discount). However, to receive the discount benefit you need to make sure that all your AWS ES reservation purchases have been successfully completed.

Report AWS elasticSearch domains without VPC.

Sends a report if your AWS elasticSearch domains are not running in VPC. AWS VPCs are for better flexibility and control over the clusters access and security. AWS Elasticsearch domains that reside within a VPC have an extra layer of security when compared to ES domains that use public endpoints.

Send report of any pending elalsticSearch Reserved instances in your AWS account

A pending AWS Elasticsearch Reserved Instance is an incomplete reservation that receives the "payment-pending" status during the purchasing process due to issues with the payment method. Using Reserved Instances is one of the best cost optimization strategies when working with AWS Elasticsearch service. To fully receive the discount benefit, make sure that all your Elasticsearch reservation purchases have been fully processed.

Report AWS elastic Search domains without node to node encryption enabled.

Sends a report if node to node encryption is not enabled for your AWS elasticSearch domains. ElasticSearch node-to-node encryption capability provides the additional layer of security by implementing Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications between the nodes provisioned within the cluster.

Send report of all AWS elasticSearch reserved instances that are purchased recently

By verifying your Elasticsearch Reserved Instance purchases on a regular basis you can detect and cancel any unwanted purchases placed accidentally or intentionally within your AWS account in order to avoid unexpected charges on your AWS bill.

Report ElasticSearch domains without tags.

This workflow sends a report of ElasticSearch domains which does not have tags established by their organisations. Which tags are missing can be found in the report generated

Report AWS elasticSearch exposed domains.

Sends a report if AWS elasticSearch domains are publicly accessible. Allowing public access to your ES domains is not recommended and is considered bad practice.