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22 MAY 2019
EC2 (NetworkIn) Utilization

Sends the utilization report of Ec2 instances in context with network traffic

Unused EBS Volumes

Sends a report of any unused EBS Volumes. EBS Volumes that are unattached to an Instance are a wasteful expense as they are charged even if they are unused.

EBS Volumes Recent Snapshots

Sends a report if your EBS Volumes do not have Snapshots taken in the past 7 days. Having recent Snapshots ensures that you have a better and more reliable backup strategy.

Web-Tier EBS Encrypted

Sends a report if your Web-Tier EBS Volumes are not encrypted. When encryption is enabled, your data is out of reach of malicious users.

EBS Volumes Attached To Stopped EC2 Instances

Sends a report if your EBS Volumes are attached to stopped EC2 Instances. Volumes that are attached to stopped machines are wasteful and and cause a dead weight charge to your cloud bill.

EBS Snapshot Encrypted

Sends a report if your EBS Snapshots are not encrypted. Encrypting your Snapshots ensures that your confidential data cannot be accessed by malicious third-party users.

EBS Encryption

Sends a report if your EBS Volumes are not encrypted. Encrypting the Volumes ensures that the data cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

App-Tier EBS Encrypted

Sends a report of all unencrypted EBS volumes attached to EC2 instances provisioned within the app tier. Encrypting your data ensures that it is stored securely, and cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

Public EBS Snapshots

Sends a report of all public EBS Snapshots. Sharing an EBS Snapshot publicly gives other AWS Accounts access to your snapshots, and as a result your important information.

Security Group Change Events

Send report of all the Security Group changes in your AWS account i.e. if any operations like create/delete/edit any Inbound/Outbound rule is performed in your AWS account then this workflow will generate a report of it and send it to your email.

Report Unused Elastic Load Balancer (ELBs)

Send report of unused elastic load balancers. If your ELB have no associated back-end instances, If your ELB has no healthy backend instances. Removing AWS components that aren’t being utilised, like the Elastic Load Balancer, will help you avoid unexpected charges on your bill.

Remove entries in Security Group which allow https access on public ip

It is AWS best practice to remove entries in security group which allows HTTPS access from public IP to reduce possibility of breach. Allowing unrestricted HTTPS access can increase threats like hacking, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and loss of data