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22 MAY 2019
Notify if an unreasonably high number of cache cluster nodes are provisioned

Make sure the number of ElastiCache cluster cache nodes provisioned in your AWS account has not reached the limit set by your organization. Monitoring and setting limits will assist you to handle your resources better and avoid unforeseen costs in your AWS bill.

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Send report of EC2 Instances which are using previous generation instance type

Using instances of the current generations provides better hardware performance (faster CPUs, increased memory and network throughput), better virtualization technology (HVM) and lower costs. You should consider upgrading your EC2 machines if using old generations.

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Terminate Idle EC2 Instances

This workflow terminates all the instances which are idle from the past 7 days and are launched before 7 days. Instance is identified as idle if its CPU Utilisation is less than 2% and Network In/Out is less than 5MB. You can also give other configurations for this workflow.

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Send report of under-utilised EC2 machines

This workflows send a report of under-utilised(default 40%) EC2 instances. You can save cost by downsizing under-utilised EC2 instances.

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Release unattached Elastic IPs to save cost

If an Elastic IP (EIP) address within your account is not associated with a running EC2 instance or an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) AWS charges you with a small amount. You should release any unused EIPs in order to save cost.

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Reduce spot fleet target capacity on specific days

Workflow to reduce spot fleet target capacity on Fridays, which essentially helps in minimizing cost by reducing fleet capacity on low traffic days.

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Increase Spot Fleet target capacity on Mondays

Increasing the Spot Fleet target capacity periodically ensures high availability of the spot instances.

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Schedule Stop EC2 Machine

This enables users to schedule a stop of Amazon EC2 instances based on a daily or weekly schedule, or both, in order to optimize EC2 costs.

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Schedule Start EC2 Machine

This template enables users to schedule a 'start' Amazon EC2 instances based on a daily or weekly schedule, or both, in order to optimize EC2 costs.

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Delete Unattached EBS Volumes

Any Elastic Block Store volume created in your AWS account is adding charges to your monthly bill, regardless of whether it is being used or not. If you have EBS volumes (other than root volumes) that are unattached to an EC2 instance or have very low I/O activity, consider deleting them in order to optimize your cloud costs.

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