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22 MAY 2019
Unused EBS Volumes

Sends a report of any unused EBS Volumes. EBS Volumes that are unattached to an Instance are a wasteful expense as they are charged even if they are unused.

EBS Volumes Attached To Stopped EC2 Instances

Sends a report if your EBS Volumes are attached to stopped EC2 Instances. Volumes that are attached to stopped machines are wasteful and and cause a dead weight charge to your cloud bill.

Unused VPC Internet Gateways

Send report of unused VPC internet gateways. For a better management of your VPC resources, all unused (detached) Internet Gateways and Egress-Only Internet Gateways should be removed from your AWS VPC environment.

Report Unused Elastic Load Balancer (ELBs)

Send report of unused elastic load balancers. If your ELB have no associated back-end instances, If your ELB has no healthy backend instances. Removing AWS components that aren’t being utilised, like the Elastic Load Balancer, will help you avoid unexpected charges on your bill.

Modify Instance Type if CPU Utilization <10% For a Week

If CPU utilization is less than 10% for a week, you are not utilizing the instance efficiently. This workflow identifies such instances and switches them to another instance type.

Idle AWS EC2 Instances

This workflow send report of all the EC2 instances which are idle from the past 7 days and are launched before 7 days. Instance is identified as idle if its CPU Utilization is less than 2% and Network In/Out is less than 5MB. You can also give other configurations for this workflow.

Idle RDS DB instances

Sends a report if any of the RDS DB instances present in your AWS account is appeared to be idle. Identifying and removing idle resources from your AWS account is best practice to reduce AWS costs.

DB Instance Generation

Sends a report if RDS databases instances provisioned within your AWS account are using the previous generation of instance classes. Using the latest generation of RDS database instances instead of the previous generation instances has tangible benefits such as better hardware performance.

Total Number of EC2 Instance

This workflow periodically finds if number of instances in your account are more than the limit set by you (default limit is 50) and sends a Email or Slack notification.

Unused WorkSpaces

This template periodically keeps a check on the Workspace sessions, ensuring that unused Workspaces do not exist for a longer time.

EC2 Reserved Instance Payment Failed

A failed AWS EC2 RI is an unsuccessful reservation that received the "payment-failed" status during the purchase process. Reserved Instances represent a good strategy to cut down on AWS EC2 costs but to fully receive the discount benefit you need to make sure that all your EC2 reservation purchases have been successfully completed.

EC2 Reserved Instance Payment Pending

EC2 Reserved Instances represent an efficient strategy to cut down on AWS costs. However, to receive the billing discount benefit promoted by Amazon, you need to make sure that all your EC2 reservation purchases have been fully processed. Identify any pending Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) purchases available within your AWS account.