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22 MAY 2019
AWS CloudFront Distributions without S3 as an Origin

Sends a report if origin access identity feature is not enabled for all your AWS Cloudfront CDN distributions. With origin access identity enabled, your Amazon Cloudfront distributions can be much more cost effective.

CloudFront Integrated With WAF

Sends a report if all your AWS CloudFront web distributions are integrated with the Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) service. With AWS Cloudfront – WAF integration enabled you can block any malicious requests made to your Cloudfront CDN based on the criteria defined in the WAF Web ACL.

CloudFront Distributions Geo Restriction

Send a report if geo restriction is not enabled for your Amazon CloudFront CDN distribution to whitelist or blacklist a country. Enabling geo restriction will help us allow or restrict users from specific locations.

Cloud Front Distributions FieldLevel Encryption

Sends a report if field-level encryption is not enabled for your Amazon CloudFront web distributions. Using CloudFront field-level encryption helps you add an extra layer of security, along with SSL encryption (HTTPS).

CloudFront Objects Compress Automatically.

Sends a report if Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributions are not configured to automatically compress content for web requests that include "Accept-Encoding: gzip" in the header. Configuring your Cloudfront distributions to compress the web content served can optimise your AWS cloud costs and speed up your web applications.

CloudFront Distributions Not Using HTTP-Only Encryption

Sends a report if the communication between your AWS CloudFront distributions and their custom origins is not encrypted using HTTPS in order to secure the delivery of your web content.

Origin Failover Not Enabled For CloudFront Distributions

Origin Failover for Cloudfront Distributions ensures optimal availability to the end users. This capability allows us to set two origins for the CloudFront distribution, serving from the secondary origin in the event of the failure of the first origin. This ensures maximum reliability.

CloudFront Without Minimum Protocol Version

Sends a report if your Amazon CloudFront distributions are not using a security policy with minimum TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2 and appropriate security ciphers for HTTPS viewer connections. using minimum protocol version can help you improve further the security of the web applications that utilize these distributions.

Unused CloudFronts.

Sends a report if AWS CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) service is not used within your AWS account. Using AWS cloudFront content delivery network service increases the performance, security, reliability and availability of your websites/applications content delivery process.

CloudFront Distributions Without Important Tags - 'Name', 'Environment', 'Role', 'Key'

This workflow sends a report of cloud front distributions which does not have tags established by their organisations. Which tags are missing can be found in the report generated.