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22 MAY 2019
Create Alarms based on previous data

Takes all the EC2 server and calculates the average CPUUtilization of last one month for all the Servers. Using this average CPUUtilization as threshold, new alarms are being created for the servers that doesn't have an alarm already.

Stop RDS DB Instance - Create And Close Jira Ticket

Create a Jira ticket with DB Instance Identifiers of all Instances that will be stopped, stop the DB Instance, and then close the Jira ticket

Create an EKS Cluster and Node Group (Part 2)

Automated Deployment of a Container application in a Kubernetes cluster in AWS, including logging and monitoring attributes. Part 2 of 2.

Create a 3-Tier Application (Part 3)

Provision a 3 tier application in AWS Cloud involving a CDN, DNS, Load Balancer, VPC, Web Server, Application and Database layer, Integrated with AWS Logging and Auditing services like Cloudwatch and CloudTrail. Part 3 of 3.

Bundle And Archive - S3 Glacier Movement

Significantly reduce cost incurred when moving objects to S3 Glacier by automatically bundling the objects and then moving them

Resource Cost Grouped By Tags and Region

View the cost break up of resources based on their tags and regions

AutoScaling Group Automation

Create an AMI from an EC2 instance. Update the Launch template version for the AMI created. Update the Auto scaling group with latest version of updated AMI. Detach/Terminate the old EC2 resources.

Reboot EC2 instances - Any Source (Jira, Manual)

Reboot EC2 Instances from Jira (based on tags mentioned in the ticket description) or by manually entering the variable values. Values passed through tickets will override the default values.

EC2 Default Security Groups In Use

To determine if you have any provisioned EC2 instances associated with default security groups.

Auto Scaling Group Instance Health Check

Ensure your AWS Auto Scaling Group (ASG) health check feature is properly configured to detect whether its registered EC2 instances are healthy or not.

Aurora Database Instance Accessibility

Ensure that all the database instances within your Amazon Aurora clusters have the same accessibility (either public or private)

RDS Automated Backups Enabled

Ensure that your RDS database instances have automated backups enabled for point-in-time recovery. To back up your database instances, AWS RDS take automatically a full daily snapshot of your data.