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AWS Best Practices

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22 MAY 2019
ElastiCache Redis Multi AZ

Send a report of ElastiCache Redis Cache Clusters that are not using Multi-AZ deployment. Multi-AZ deployment ensures high availability through automatic failover to a read replica in case of a primary cache node failure.

Report RDS Free Storage Space

Send report of RDS instances which are low on storage. Detecting RDS database instances that run low on disk space is crucial when these instances are used in production by latency sensitive applications as this can help you take immediate actions and expand the storage space in order to maintain an optimal response time.

Report AWS VPN Tunnel State

Send report of VPN which does not have VPN Tunnel state on. continuous monitoring for your VPN tunnels will help you take immediate actions in the event of a failure, in order to maximize uptime and ensure network traffic flow over your Amazon VPN connections at all times.

Report Managed Nat Gatway In Use

Send report of VPC which does not have managed NAT gateways. the Managed NAT Gateway service is using optimized software to handle NAT traffic and is fully managed by AWS compared to the NAT instance which is not optimized and requires scaling and regular maintenance such as installing software updates or patches.

Report Unused Virtual Private Gateways

Send report of unused AWS Virtual private gateways. As good practice, every unused (detached) AWS Virtual Private Gateway should be removed from your account for a better management of your AWS resources.

RDS DB Instances Multi AZ Alteration

This workflow enables the MultiAZ for RDS DB instances and then after a delay of 1 hour it forces it to fail over. Again after 1 hour of delay it disables the MultiAZ feature for the RDS DB instances and then sends a report

Increase EBS Volume size if Instance disk utilisation reaches 90%

Increases EBS Volume size when the instance's disk utilisation exceeds 90%

Copy AMI to another account PART-1

This template takes AMI from one account and copies into another account

Cross Region EBS Backup Part-1

This template takes EBS snapshot from one region in your aws account and copy it into another region.

Cross region EBS backup PART-2

This template takes EBS snapshot from one region in your aws account and copy it into another region.

Daily/Weekly reports of Lambda's Duration

Monitors metrics to make sure your Lambdas are running as they should. It helps in finding anomalies and improve Lambda Function performance.

Copy EC2 Logs Data to S3 and Delete the Log Folder

Moves the logs present in the log folder of EC2 machine and transfers them into a specified S3 Bucket. This practice helps you to store the logs you want, without worrying about the disk space in the machine.