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AWS Auto Scaling

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22 MAY 2019
Identify Auto Scaling Groups without CoolDown Periods

Identify Auto Scaling Groups that are not using appropriate cooldown periods, every hour. This helps you to ensure that one scaling event is not initiated before the effects of another are evident.

AutoScalingGroup Health Check Feature

Notifies about AWS Auto Scaling Group (ASG) health check feature is properly configured. By using the right health check configuration for your Auto Scaling Groups, you can increase the reliability and availability of the applications deployed within these groups. If an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is being used make sure that the ELB health check is enabled and If an Elastic Load Balancer is not being used within your ASG make sure that the EC2 health check is enabled

Auto Scaling Groups without Integrated Elastic Load Balancers

Checks whether Auto Scaling Groups have Elastic Load Balancers associated with them. In the case of a failure of any of the EC2 resources, the presence of Elastic Load Balancers will ensure availability. Runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Remove Empty AutoScaling groups.

It is AWS best practice to identify an empty autoscaling group available in your AWS account and delete them in order to avoid unneeded cost and better management of AWS resources. Autoscaling group is considered as empty when it doesn't have any EC2 instances attached and is not associated with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).