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22 MAY 2019
Enable version upgrade for redshift cluster if not already enabled

This workflow enables Version Upgrade feature on your Redshift cluster. AWS Redshift engine upgrades will occur automatically so the data warehouse service engine can get the newest features, bug fixes or the latest security patches released.

Terminate AWS Workspaces after inactivity of 30 days

This template periodically keeps a check on the Workspace sessions, ensuring that unused Workspaces do not exist for a longer time.

AWS DynamoDB to S3 exporter

Exporting data from dynamoDB to S3 is one of the best AWS backup strategies and successfully safeguards your data. In cases of accidental deletion of data, you can restore the data from a previous export file in Amazon S3. You can even copy data from a DynamoDB table in one AWS region, store the data in Amazon S3, and then import the data from Amazon S3 to an identical DynamoDB table in a second region.

Start and Stop Dev Instances

This workflow automates the stop and start action of dev instances, usually taken manually by users.